Various designs with ethnic elements give our products a distinctive feature.

The wood we use is custom cut and processed, comes from the best processed various types of wood. Our every product has advantages and disadvantages.

Why choose us?


Each of our products is made from hand-carved with different products and has a synergistic pattern.


We are happy to accept orders from customers with custome orders so that it becomes our new challenge.


We always give our customers a special feeling when they have our unique products.

About Us

PT. Laras Indah Karya created around 1998 with a full of creative mind and always improving since day one.

PT. Laras Indah Karya is an interior design & furniture firm established in 2012. The beginning of our company milestone is from our founder’s passion of various woody varieties, art of furniture, and the beauty of interior design.


We have main products and custom products according
to your choice.


Furniture creates a natural feel to the house because the material comes from nature. Having a wide color spectrum, wooden furniture is able to provide different lighting effects to a room.


Find your home furniture and decor. We're putting the inspiration & sense of discovery back into the shopping experience for quality, furniture, home-life gifts & accessories. All your furniture, kitchen, wardrobe and home decor needs is our specialty, we are your one stop home furnishing solution.