How to care for wood panel walls

Using wood panels can beautify the walls of your home, but we must know how to care for them to keep them looking beautiful. If you take good care of wood panels in your home, they will last for decades, regular maintenance also increases the durability and toughness of wood.

Here are ways to care for wood panels:

1. Cleaning Dust On wood panels, cleaning the surface of wood panels is a task that must be done frequently to care for wood panels. Just wipe the surface of the wood panels with a soft cloth. This will prevent dust from building up on the wood panels. You can also use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to reach corners and hard-to-access areas.

2. Clean wood panels with a suitable cleaner. To avoid permanent damage to wood, always use special cleaners made for wood. Follow the instructions for using the packaging if you are using wood cleaner. If you are using an all-purpose cleaner or a mild detergent, mix it with water as needed. Make sure you test a small area of ​​the panel, which is inconspicuous.

3. Avoid scratches and also install nails on the wood panels so that they do not make marks and holes.

4. Make sure the wooden wall surface is always dry. If exposed to water or dirt, immediately clean and dry it with a clean cloth so that the water or dirt does not stick and imprint on the wood panels.

5. Overcoming termites on wooden walls by giving anti-termite drugs on the surface of the wooden walls and especially on the parts that have been attacked by these termites. If the wooden walls have been exposed to termites, check whether the wood is still strong. Immediately replace it if the wood is bad enough, replace it immediately.

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