Tips for decorating beautiful room with Wood Panels

Plain house walls sometimes look boring?

Therefore, empty walls are often decorated, such as photos, posters, paintings, or covering them with wallpaper. But actually the walls can be decorated with wooden panels.

Why wood? the reasons is because wood has an attractive natural texture and color. You can arrange wood panels by showing the natural hue of wood. so that a natural and warm feel can be created in the room.

Apart from its beauty, wood also has several advantages over other building materials. Compared to metal, for example, wood has an advantage in absorbing heat. The more heat it absorbs, the metal will expand and become brittle. On the other hand, wood is actually getting drier, stronger, and relatively more without expansion.Wood also has the advantage of suppressing sound, thereby minimizing echo and noise in your room.

Apart from these advantages, there are some basic ideas for using wood panels to turn a plain room into a more beautiful and attractive one. For rooms that are elongated in shape, decorating the furthest side with wooden panels is worth a try. The wood accent on the farthest side can “bring” the wall together and unite it with the overall feel of the room.

Some tips for optimizing wood panels in beautifying the room, some things need to be considered:

1. try to identify the characteristics of wood, especially its texture and color. Different types of wood have different textures. Likewise the color, some are dark brown to blackish, some are bright. Not to forget, each wood has a different level of flexibility and hardness. Teak, for example, is harder than mahogany.

2. the chosen mounting technique also plays a role in optimizing the characteristics of the wood. You can take advantage of the transverse texture of the wood, but the longitudinal texture also provides an attractive tone.

3. You can arrange boxes from longitudinal pieces of wood. This method will show the beauty of wooden year circular arcs. It also doesn’t hurt to make pieces of wood with different thicknesses. The uneven wooden walls have their own charm.

Hopefully some of the ideas above can inspire you to be creative and bring the natural beauty of wood panels into your room.

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