Types of Wood and Coatings for Good Home Walls

You need to know, not all types of wood are suitable for the walls of the house. So, you need to know the type of wood first before buying. The following is a list of wood types that are suitable for the walls of the house:

1. Teak wood

Teak is a special type of wood for the walls of your home. Teak is the strongest type of wood. Apart from that, the texture is also very beautiful. Because it is strong and durable, many people choose it as the best choice for home walls.

2. Camphor wood

Camphor wood has been applied for various building construction needs. Apart from walls, it is often used for door frames, windows, and other furniture. Camphor wood is also often referred to as borneo wood. Its trademark lies in its beautiful texture and fiber.

3. Merbau Wood

Merbau is a type of reddish brown wood. Merbau trees are generally found in tropical rain forests. The class is divided into two, namely durable class and strong class. For finishing, merbau wood is usually melamine with a dark color.

Types of Wood Wall Cladding

Wallcoverings are also commonly used so that conventional walls can look like natural. The types of wood wallcoverings that are commonly used include:

1. Plywood Wallcoverings

This coating wood is the result of gluing consisting of wooden sheets. The manufacturing process is carried out with high pressure. The motifs and textures are also quite good and no less beautiful than ordinary solid wood panels.

2. Teakblock Wallcoverings

Teakblock is a solution for those who don’t have the budget to buy teak wood. Teackblock is also known as teak sheet. Suitable for coating softwood.

3. MDF Panel Wallcoverings

MDF wallcoverings are fine wood powder. Then, the powder is pressed at high temperature. MDF is a wallcovering with a smooth texture similar to solid wood.

Those are the various choices of wood types for the walls of the house. We also recommend complete wood coating for the walls of your home. May be useful!

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